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General Business Agreement

1. Introduction
The General Business Agreement (GBA) presented herewith dates back to 1st March 2014. The GBA is subject to change. In cases of disputes, the GBA at the time of the ticket purchase is valid.

2. Organization/Contractors
The Salsafestival Switzerland is organized by the Salsa Kongress GmbH located in Zug, Switzerland. Contractors of the customer are the Salsa Kongress GmbH or an official ticket vendors cooperating with our organization.

3. Web forms
While purchasing a ticket on our website, you have to fill in personal data. This data is not especially protected. However, your credit card information is handled by our specialised partner "Datatrans" using secure transmission technology.
When buying tickets at Starticket, all customer information is handled by Starticket using secure transmission technology, whose reliability is assured by Starticket.

4. Data protection
The organizers acquires email addresses of their customers through correspondence, at the receipt of forms, trough entries on the partner search page as well as through ticket orders. Our partner Latin Promotion GmbH manages the data and uses it for the delivery of the festival newsletter. The privacy of the data will be respected and access by third parties is prevented. Of course, every customer can unsubscribe at any time or to limit the information to international events only.

5. Handling fee
When ordering a ticket via invoice and/or payment slip a handling fee of CHF 6.- applies. In case of a bank transfer all bank expenses have to be taken over from the buyer.

6. Delivery
When ordering tickets on our website a reservation number will be sent via email. The countervalues (workshop-ribbons, party-stamps etc.) can be picked up at the ""Reservations"" desk in the entrance hall of the venue by indicating your reservation number. The organizer reserves the right to collect possible differences between the bill total and the effective received amount in cash at the entrance, before handing out the tickets resp. wristband or stamp.
Our ticketing partner Starticket delivers electronic tickets via email.

7. Transfer
Reservations may be transferred informally to another person at any time. However the new owner of a ticket needs to know the reservation number and the full name of the first owner to avoid problems in the registration process at the event.

8. Refund
In case of illness (with medical documents) or higher force the organization will decide from case to case if the tickets can be returned. In any case the handling fees are excluded from a return. We reserve the right to exchange and/or delete artists from our lineup. This doesn't give our guest the right to cancel a reservation.

9. Security Service
There is an internal security service during the event. Assignments of its members and the ones of the Staff are to be strictly followed. Otherwise, the organization reserves the right to expel anyone from the venue without any financial compensation.

10. Video recording and photographing at the event
Video recording and photographing of the shows is not allowed. Video recording of workshops is allowed at the end of a workshop if the instructor agrees.

11. Personality rights
The customer agrees that the organizer himself, his contractors and media representatives film and photograph at the event. With the purchase of his ticket the customer agrees that all above mentionned parties can use all pictures and videos - altered or unaltered - without compensation for all sort of purposes, explicitely, but not exclusively, for media publications, for publications on the festival website, for promotional purposes or the official festival DVD.

12. Insurance
Each customer is responsible for his or her insurance issues.

13. Jurisdiction
The customer accepts the jurisdiction of Zug, Switzerland, where our business is located.

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