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Shows and Instructors

The Salsafestival Switzerland presents every year the most renowned artists worldwide and invests big money in the line-up. At the moment we are still negotiating with a number of artists. Hereafter you will only find the artists with whom we have a settled an agreement.

Afro Latin Connection       Porto, Portugal
Instructor & Performing Artist

Afro-Latin Dance Company was founded in September 2005. Paula Loureiro and Ricardo Sousa, its artistic directors, choreographers and dancers, have danced together since 2000.The dance company is currently made up of 8 dancers. Due to wide knowledge and diverse training they acquired along the years, their show is a unique mixture of different styles of dance.

Alberto Valdes        Cuba / Cyprus

Alberto Valdes is considered one of the best instructors of Cuban Dances in the world. Together with Andria Panagi they created the CubaMiSalsa Festival On Tour project, a festival concentrated mostly in Cuban Dances presenting some of the best Cuban Artists in the world in many countries in Europe.

They teach and perform together in a very elegant style always full of "Sabor Cubano".

Alegria Dance Company       Monpellier / France
Instructor & Performing Artist

After a year spent in New York with the Yamulee company, Marie and Damien create Alegria Dance Company as soon as they return to France in 2011. Lovers and specialists of the Salsa NY style technique, they are passionate for both stage performance and pedagogy. and the coaching of the dancers.

The fluidity of the movement, the precision of the guidance, the style as well as the musicality are all driving points of their work.Based today in Nîmes and Montpellier, they teach at their school, conduct a professional training at the scene "Matiagua" and perform throughout the world.

Angelo Gioffrè Dance Company       Italy
Performing Artist

Angelo attended 2 dance academies which helped to form his dance style nowadays. When he was 19, he became a member of Maykel Fonts dance team and danced with them for 7 years. At the same time he took part in various dance projects like the musical Heartbeat of home. Today he has his own dance company and he teaches Cuban salsa in Sosa Academy by Fernando Sosa.

Ariel Style & Cindy       Switzerland / Dom Rep.

Euphoria Dance Company       Milano / Italien
Instructor & Performing Artist

Milan Italy is home to one of Salsa’s newest up and coming team, Euphoria Dance Company.  The Dance Company was formed by Jose “La Salsa” Diaz in 2012 to bring a revived new feel to Mambo On2 in Italy.  The company reflects the influence of New York Style On2 dancing with it’s creative interpretation and strong sense ...

of musicality on  stage.  Our goal is to present a unique and diverse performance style but still maintain the classic roots and essence of Mambo.

Gaby y Estefy       Dom.Rep /Spain
Instructor & Performing Artist

Gaby was born in Dominican Republic where he studied music. After finishing his studies, he moved to Spain and this is where the magic happened. He coupled with Estefy, a ballet dancer with experience in traditional Spanish dances such as flamenco.

They united their salsa skills gained up till that point and managed to create a unique style, securing them 1st places in many championships in Europe. They are very welcomed as instructors at many festivals as bachata and salsa instructors, dancing primarily on2 salsa with acrobatic elements and dominican bachata

Grupo Alafia       Parma / Italy
Instructor & Performing Artist

Since 2008 inspire these guys with their skillful dancing. However, in 2010 came the breakthrough, when they received a standing ovation with her Pachanga show at New York Salsa Congress. Well known are the Italian guys for her social dancing.

Jacopo & Linda       Brescia /IT
Performing Artist

Jacopo and Linda are young, talented siblings with a lot of passion and positive energy!

Julio Rojas & Jessica Quiles       Venezuela / Puerto Rico
Performing Artist

Jvan & Manuela       Switzerland

Jvan and Manuela have been dancing together for almost ten years, including Salsa and Bachata. In addition, you already have several years of stage experience, which you could collect with several shows. With the project mj danceacrobatics you pass on your enthusiasm for salsa and sensual acrobatics.

Laura del Vecchio        München /Italy
Instructor & Performing Artist

Laura del Vecchio tanzt seit ihrem 7.Lebensjahr - kommt ursprünglich aus der Hip Hop Szene wo sie erfolgreich an Meisterschaften teilgenommen hat- mittlerweile Wertungsrichterin für Taf Meisterschaften 4 Jahre Standard Latein, diverse TV Auftritte bei Thomas Gottschalk ( mit den Spice Girls) und Johannes B. KERNER. Tanzrolle bei dem erfolgreichen Deutschen Kinohit " Willkommen bei den Hartmanns" Jury beim Königscup. 

Willkommen bei den Hartmanns" Jury beim Königscup. 2016 mit Jochaim Lambi und 2017 mit Motsi Mabuse.Mit Santana Company erfolgreich an diversen Ruedameisterschaften teilgenommen( 2013-2014) 2015  Gründung der Roto Show Crew Bookings auf Kongressen Events etc. Laura del Vecchio gibt regelmässig Workshops deutschlandweit und in Österreich ( wie z.B mit Yanek Revilla) auf diversen Salsa Kongressen ( MSC, etc) Gründerin von del Vecchio Dance Studio. Seid April 2017 Tanzauftritt mit Victoria Secret Model Doutzen Kroes für Hunkemöller

Manuel Mascarell & Christina       Spain / Italy

The former professional Opera Singer started dancing many years ago, but just for fun. Today he's one of the most booked Salsa Instructor worldwide. He is, also thanks to his professional music education, en excellent pedagogue. He now teaches and dances around the world with his professional dance partner Sabrina Bravi, with swiss roots, since 2009.

Panagiotis and Myrto       Athen/ Greece
Instructor & Performing Artist

Panagiotis and Myrto,Dancing together for already seven years, the young salsa couple known for their countless moves, impressive styling and outstanding, captivating and tricky turn patterns!Their unique dancing, full of fun, speed, styling and mambo madness, paired with an entertaining though highly professional way of teaching, paved them the way to many prestigious festivals in different parts of the world!

Panagiotis and Myrto is definitely a higly talented and ambitious couple taking the salsa Ny style community by storm! Myrto extremely gorgeous and driving men crazy with her extraordinary feminine styling and body movement! Panagiotis attracting attention with his unique way of combining elements to the craziest and trickiest turn Patterns one can imagine!! A combination of fun style elegance speed and pure salsa and mambo !!

Supermario       London / UK

Supermario originates from India but grew-up in London. He is an extremely popular dance teacher, which understands to entertain his followers not only with jokes.

Tamambo MC       London / UK

As one of the world’s top all-round instructors teaching both On1 and On2 and specializing in teaching complex, yet leadable partnerwork routines for the dance floor, he has fast become a very sought after name in Salsa. In addition, Tamambo’s newly discovered talent back in 2007 was to entertain audiences as the master of ceremony (MC) at many high-profile salsa events around the world.

Terry & Cécile       France
Instructor & Performing Artist

Terry & Cécile live in the city of love, Paris, and share their great passion for the afro-caribbean dances on the most important stages in the world. Beside their passionate and technically outstanding stage productions they’re loved in the scene as extraordinary persons. Their workshops are always full, also for this reason.