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Special Guest List

Das Salsafestival Switzerland präsentiert jedes Jahr die gefragtesten Artisten der Welt.
Nachfolgend findest du die Artisten, welche unser Event als Gast besuchen.

Charlie Garcia       New York, USA
Partying Artist

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Charlie began dancing at the Bronx Dance Theater where he trained in hip hop and basic levels of tap and jazz. Soon after, he continued training with the Unified Dance Studio where he also got his first taste of Latin dancing and what we call the “Salsa Fever.” Charlie hasn’t stopped dancing Salsa since! Seeking to be the best salsa dancer he can, he sought out great teachers and mentors and has trained intensely under Marino “La Rumba” and Franklin Diaz. Through Marino and Franklin, Charlie has learned about body movement, Pachanga, Cha Cha, Son, Afro-Cuban and more in other fields of dance specifically from his mentor Franklin Diaz. Blending his training, Charlie incorporates footwork from different styles, body isolation, high energy, Cuban influences, flavor, and technique to create his dynamic style! Charlie sees dancing as a journey through music and through life and believes that everything in the world has a rhythm and that everything dances. Charlie uses his talent and hard work to share this journey, rhythm and dance with the world.

DJ Alexio Papo Grossi       Torino IT
Partying Artist

DJ Amador       Australia
Partying Artist

DJ Amador started dancing in Perth, Australia 8 years ago. Started with Cuban Salsa, moved to LA style. His true passion is sensual dances Bachata, Zouk and Kizomba. Traveled around Europe on 2015 summer, felt the passion for dancing in Europe is unparalleled, moved to Berlin last summer and DJing and Dancing in Berlin and Poland these days.

DJ Cigarro       Austria
Partying Artist

DJ Cigarro, passionate Salsa fan and organizer of concerts, has been performing as a DJ for many years – in German, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Italy – both at parties and festivals. Because he loves Salsa just as much as cigars, his Salsero friends named him “DJ Cigarro”.

DJ Claude Raoul / Bachata       Berlin
Partying Artist

Music, dance, books and contact with people have always been part of DJ Claude’s life. For many years he was collecting discs and CDs with various musical styles, mainly Soul, Jazz, Latin Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Kizomba and ethno music. He laid the foundations for his career as  DJ in Berlin in 2002. Claude Raoul attributes his success as a DJ to being a passionate dancer, feeling the music and understanding the rhythms. Most notably is his interplay of different styles which enthuses his audience. It does not matter whether the music is fast or slow, for him it is important to distinguish the typical instruments such as conga, clave and sax.

DJ Fabrizio Zoro       Milano Italy
Partying Artist

DJ Galante       Switzerland
Partying Artist

DJ Galante took his first steps as a DJ back in the 90s, when R&B and Funk&Soul were his passion. In 1997, he discovered his affinity for Salsa in a London Salsa club and has dedicated himself to the Latin American music ever since. First, he travelled and retravelled through Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Mexico to truly understand the basics of the music and dance.

By now, DJ Galante is well-known and popular in the Swiss Salsa scene, even internationally. His long-term experience and excellent music collection enable him to play a large range of salsa styles. He is one of a handful of Swiss DJs whose specialty is filling an entire Salsa evening with his unique vinyl collection – and he always knows which songs make a great party.

DJ Luis Antonio Salgado       New York USA
Partying Artist

DJ Mambito       Germany
Partying Artist

For more than 20 years, DJ Mambito is part of the German salsa community. He is resident DJ at both Frankfurt Festivals and has been on the decks at every Berlin Salsa Congress since 2001. DJ Mambito’s affection for salsa and latin music started in his youth. The Viva Afro Brasil Festival in his hometown included stars like Oscar d’Leon, Celia Cruz, Jose 'el Canario‘, Daniela Mercury, etc. In 2017 he will be on decks at Frankfurt Festival, Prague Salsa Marathon, Candela White Zurich, Gutmann’s Summer Night, Frankfurt Summer and Munich Salsa Congress among others.

DJ Samy       Basel / Switzerland
Partying Artist

DJ Samy was born in 1982 in Bolivia, in La Paz. He is one of the most talented Salsa DJ's of Switzerland. This is the result of his addiction to this music and his personality and his will to advance continuously. He is our youngest member within the Swiss All Star Deejays.

DJ Sugar on Sunday       Bordeaux / France
Partying Artist

Sugar On Sunday is a female Dj living in Bordeaux France where she works activly to spread the love of latin music (Mambo, LatinJazz, Salsabrava...)What she particularly loves is to connect with dancers and tell them a beautiful  story, leading them on a delicious musical journey  - The deepness of her dedication for music (that allowed her incredible open doors with legendary ... 

musicians (such as Alfredo Linares, Ray Perez, New Swing Sextet, Joe Bataan, Bobby Sanabria, Harvey Averne…)- The care she takes to find quality of originals (cds, vinyls…)- The love she has to promote the knowledge of different musical styles (she used to do audio-retrospectives on air during radioshows)- A succession of « key » encounters...... all that makes possible for her to be trusted and booked in beautiful events (Mambo nights, Congresses) in France, Europe and North America (Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada…)She actually holds a vinyl social called "SAL Y AGUA nights" wich gathers people from all parts of French Wide West and let them enjoy the beauty of Palladium era atmosphere displayed by the original sounds of vinyls !

ella Jauk       Paris FR
Partying Artist

Dancer of Latin ballroom in her beginning, Ella from Croatia is today, since more than 4 years partner of Mouaze Konaté and sharing with him the most prestigieuse salsa event.
She’s an excellent dancer with beautiful and natural body mouvement, she’s also a great teacher able to transmet to the ladies everything they need to up them dance in another level in technical and feminine side.

Federica Sangalli ( Euphoria Dance Company )       Milano Italy
Partying Artist

Salsa Kings Colmar       
Partying Artist

Salsaddiction/ Brian Libier       Utrecht/ Nederland
Partying Artist

Sean Babatunde       London UK
Partying Artist