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1. Trade marks
The logos of the Salsa Kongress GmbH and the Salsafestival Switzerland are registered trademarks and as such propriety of the Salsa Kongress GmbH. It is prohibited to publish them or to use them in any way without permission.

2. Web forms
It is possible that third persons have unauthorized access to the contents of the web forms and may view, alter and/or publish them, while you are filling them in. Salsa Kongress GmbH does not accept responsability for the integrity of the data.

3. Web links
We are not responsible for contents of the websites we link to. We refuse any liability for illegal or otherwise unpleasant contents of the websites published in our link section.

4. Data Protection
The organizers acquire email addresses of their customers trough correspondence, at the receipt of forms, trough entries on the partner search as well as trough ticket orders. Our partner Latin Promotion GmbH manages the data and uses them or the delivery of the Salsa-Newsletter. The privacy of the data will be respected and access by others is prevented. Of course, very customer has the right to unsubscribe at any time or to reduce their contents to the main events.

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Latest news

Line-up is building up
Thursday, 30. Nov 2017

About 80% of performers line up has been agreed. Under the rubric "lineup" you can find the confirmed artists and DJ's

Salsafestival 2018
Wednesday, 29. Nov 2017

85 days to go until the next Salsafestival Switzerland.

We have just decided where the next Salsafestival will take place. After long discussions we are moving from Zurich's poshest to its hippest neighbourhood and occupy the freshly renovated club and event house X-TRA!
The X-TRA offers wide space for our guests from around the world, perfect dancefloors and a top notch sound system. Big reasonably priced hotels and lots of well-priced restaurants can be found in close proximity around the clock.

Our website is now under reconstruction. Watch out - sales starts approximately in August!