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La Maxima 79

La Maxima 79
La Maxima 79; bringing you back to the golden era of salsa.
La Maxima 79's sole objective is to revive the golden era of salsa keeping in mind at all times the needs of salsa dj's and dancers worldwide. La Maxima 79 brings two worlds together; it’s the place where DJ’s and bands meet. This new and unique approach is possible due to the band leader of La Maxima 79; Fabrizio Zoro has many years of experience spinning as a DJ at festivals and parties all over Europe. This experience has taught him the dynamics of the dance floor and what salsa dancers really want. Besides that he is also a very established percussionist.  
With his experience as a DJ always in his mind and a huge knowledge of salsa and it's history Fabrizio created a sound that was an instant hit amongst dancers world wide. In 2013, their debut album “Regresando al Guaguanco” simply exploded on the dance-floor and made the band a house hold name amongst salsa lovers all over the world. Since then the band has played at many prestigious festivals all over Europe and established itself as a force that's here to stay.
In 2015 new Single “La Gripe” is One of the most favourite song for Worldwide Dj's and in 2016 the band release the second album called “Joseito” with masterpiece like "Nunca Muere el Guaguanco" "Cuchi Cuchi", "Te Quedaste Sola", " Kun Kin " or "Iboru Iboya" music of many routines of the best competition dancers over the world  
After the great succes of this album in 2018 La Maxima 79 released the first two singles of the third Album called " Iglesia Rumbera ", and “Tabaratiando” 
At the End of 2019 the 3 album it will be Released and it will be called “ #Resilienza”  
Don't miss the chance to see La Maxima 79 live and experience why the band is so popular with dancers and salsa aficionados worldwide.
La Maxima 79 brings quality old school salsa into the new millennium with the strongest salsa musician in Italy.