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Seminar The Upgrade and the Reinvention of the modern Gentleman

Flairs of Dandy® is coming to the Salsa Festival Zürich in Switzerland with a seminar to blow you away with a total new and innovative seminar about reinventing and upgrading the modern man. It’s time to convert the men of our generations back into Gentlemen.

So, what does it mean to be a Gentleman? What implication does it have? And what should your behaviour and responsibility be as a Gentleman? Get all these intriguing questions answered in the seminar held by Flairs of Dandy® in a tight and great cooperation with the Salsa Festival Zürich in Switzerland.

Flairs of Dandy® will bring the fellow Gentlemen to a higher plan. The mission is to extinguish bad style by inspiring using advanced tips and tricks.

Flairs of Dandy® will teach you during this seminar the concepts of: Alpha Males, why exactly it must be forbidden to wear jeans and t-shirts to salsa parties and also about the power of colours in your outfits. After you have been taught the basics of style, Flairs of Dandy® will proceed to teach you about some advanced stuff. Get to know more about how to get your first tailored suits and custom handmade flashy shoes.

Ladies are as well being encouraged to attend this seminar to get inspired in how to create more Gentlemen for society.

Attend to get a little surprise. All attendees will get a free gift sponsored by The Salsa Festival Zürich in Switzerland, Flairs of Dandy® and the strategic partners of Flairs of Dandy®

Do not miss this single and amazing opportunity to learn how to get the respect you deserve by other Gentlemen, and to make all the ladies melt when you show up. Come to this seminar to learn, upgrade and to convert yourself into that real, stylish and advanced Gentlemen you always wanted to be.